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My name is ROB MENTZEN (1954). In 1982 I graduated with distinction at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts (Stadsacademie voor Toegepaste Kunsten). My final project was nominated for the prestigious Hustinx award. In 1984 I was one of the initiators of AHA studio 2, a Maastricht (Netherlands) based company for interior design that specialized in made-to-measure design furniture for the private and commercial market.

In 2003 I decided to sell my share in the business in order to be able to freely give form to my personal views, experience and creativity; marking the start of ZieZo interieur where I develop and create solutions for interior within a space. My work is produced individually for each client, creating unique pieces of art that are hand crafted, functional and with effective detailing
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My creativity is expressed more explicitly in my “free work”.
Each object balances on a fine line between art and design, a cross-over between sculpture and functionality. I search for the connection between form, rhythm, movement and light. The addition of movement gives the object an interesting element, surprising and playful. I consider it a challenge to invent all kinds of techniques to achieve the desired effect.
Light has always fascinated me. I find the subtle play of light sources and their radiation, reflection and shadow immensely intriguing.

The fascinating aspect of light is that you will be able to envision the possible effects beforehand, but you can never anticipate the full scope of them. I invite to look at my objects in a different way.